A Letter To Whoever

         Someday, I will meet you. Maybe not ‘meet’ meet, maybe more of ‘realized-it-is-you’ kind of meet. But I will know you nonetheless. I’m sure that you will scare the shit out of me, I may even push you away because I’m that coward. I hope I haven’t done this already, but if I did, I hope you stayed. I hope we’re good friends, I hope you already know how messy my mind is. I hope I already fixed myself. I hope you already accepted me. And when that day comes, I hope we’re both ready to dive. I hope we’re both ready to love. We will do everything together. Yep, I’m that clingy. We will climb mountains together even if I hate it (maybe we both hate it, but still). We will go grocery shopping and I will try to cook us dinner (notice the word try). We can skip Sunday mass, but we will love our God anyway (I will forever thank Him for your existence). When the night is too bright, we will make pillow forts outside just to watch the stars shine (tho I’d rather stare at your eyes). Baby, I’m not into sports but I’ll cheer for your favorite team, just save me the last piece of donut. I will always listen to your stories, no matter how mundane they are. I do appreciate honesty but I don’t want to hear you saying that you’re fond of other girls. I will always try to make your day better, I’m sure you’ll do the same for me. I’ll drink with you when the world is too hard. I’ll run my fingers through your hair and let you know that I will stay. We might fight but we will choose to understand. We will compromise. There will be nights that I will feel sad for no particular reason, please learn how to hold me tight. And baby, we both know that this will be hard but I won’t leave you no matter what. And if, only if, the time comes that you want out, I will let you. I just hope you will not.


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